YouTube Steno Drills

These steno videos come straight from YouTube.  They aren’t on our site.  All we did was catalog the drills according to speed or type to make it easier for you to find the ones you want.

Some videos are from professional sites that are advertising their speed drills.  Some are from stenography schools.  Some come from students.  Some from instructors.  And naturally, some are better than others.

Speed drills are put into standard 20 wpm categories.  Any video labeled at odd speeds will be put in the next higher speed.  For example, we have listings for 140 wpm and 160 wpm, but not for 150 wpm.  A drill at 150 wpm will be put in the 160 wpm section.

The videos play exactly like YouTube drills since they really are YouTube videos.  Instructions are at the top of each page, but they are simple.  Click on a video to start or stop it.  Click the top left of the video player to see the list of drills.  Turn up your audio.  Play.

To select the speed or section that you want, use the menu bar at the top (right below the Court Reporting Help logo), hover your mouse over YouTube Steno Drills, and make a selection from the drop-down menu.

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