Mirror Image — A Book by The Shazz’s Sister-in-law

"Mirror Image" was written by Bernadette Shastay, my sister-in-law and possibly the best looking Shastay East of the Mississippi.  She lives on a farm with my brother, Andy.  That makes me laugh.  I don't know why.
TitleMirror Image
Don't start this book late at night. It is hard to put down once you start. Joel is autistic, but his world is full of whatever his imagination can dream up. As Joel sits and dreams, an unseen evil enters the world. Joel becomes the hope and the champion of humanity. As Joel learns to combat and the evil, he learns to control himself. In order to win, Joel has to learn about his emotions. Evil is relentless, and Joel must adapt.
Every book needs a hook, and this one has a beauty. Mirror Image is the type of book that cries to be a movie. Read it now. Look for it in the movies in a few years.
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