Brief Encounters: A Dictionary for Court Reporting

Suppose you need an alternate outline for a brief, phrase or word. Suppose your theory does not have the outline that you need. Suppose your theory has an outline, but it is not one that works for you. This is where Brief Encounters comes in.
TitleBrief Encounters: A Dictionary for Court Reporting
Brief Encounters boasts a whopping 45,000 conflict-free entries of briefs and phrases. While it may not be strictly compatible with your own theory, it is a valuable reference of alternate outlines and strokes. Use it right, and Brief Encounters will help you build your dictionary. 45,000 entries is a lot, but it doesn't contain all the words you will ever need. It focuses on the popular words that you will use the most. Brief Encounters bills itself as "A Dictionary for Court Reporting."
Overall, Brief Encounters is an excellent reference book. Use it as a supplement to your own theory. It has been popular with stenography students for years.
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