Free Kindle Steno Books

We think our books are worth hundreds of dollars.  Some of them took the better part of a weekend to write.  Others had really big words beyond anything we had learned from our Speak and Spell training.

But as much as we like high prices, others disagree.  Kindle is one of them.  Kindle strongly encourages authors to offer their books at a reduced rate.  Kindle takes it further.  They offer some books at no cost to subscribers of their KindleUnlimited program.

Generally, you can find the book you want at Kindle at a much lower cost than a traditional book.  And if you join KindleUnlimited, you can get a lot of books for free.

We found all the books related to stenography.  Then we added dictionaries and punctuation guides.  Then we found books on health, motivation, success, and other subjects that usually concern court reporting students.