Free Audio Drills — Magic Drills Level 3 for Stenography Students

The Magic Drills have always been some of the most popular audio steno drills on Court Reporting Help.

Here is Level 3 of the original free version at speeds from 20 wpm to 200 wpm.

Good rules to follow when you drill are 1) always stay within four words of the speaker, 2) always stroke clear strokes, even if they are not clear enough for your computer to read, 3) always drop the hard words when you have to drop.

In Level 2, the last word is hard. In Level 3, the hard word can be any word in the sentence.  You may drop that word, but you should never drop any of the first three words because they are much easier. Learn to drop the hard words.

It is much harder to drop the first word of the sentence than the last word.  It is also harder to drop the subject or verb of a sentence than the last word.  In Level 2, you learned to drop the last word.  That was very good.  You were taking a big step.  You were getting familiar with dropping.  But you weren’t really choosing which word to drop.  You were just dropping the last word of each sentence.

Now on Level 3, you have to make an active decision as to which word to drop.

You only have to stroke as fast as you did in Level 2 to get the same results.

But this time, your brain has to decide which words your hands will stroke.  When you can easily do this drill, you will find that your troubles with dropping are growing smaller and smaller.  And your test scores will be growing.

Go kick some steno butt!!

20 wpm


40 wpm


60 wpm


80 wpm


100 wpm


120 wpm


140 wpm


160 wpm


180 wpm


200 wpm

Make stenography fun.


One of the keys to stenography is clarity. If you stroke it, you should get a point for it on your speed tests. Once you have sufficient clarity, then you can work on other things that will boost your speed, such as hesitation, carrying and dropping.

Clarity is the most important though. Perfection isn’t necessary or realistic, but you need high clarity.

Steve Shastay
Steno Rebel

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