YouTube Audio Drills for Stenography Students

Over the weekend, we went to YouTube and created lists of court reporting drills and instructional videos.  We didn’t catalog all of them, but we made a good start.  Then we put a series of YouTube players on Court Reporting Help.

Each player is loaded with one type of drill.  You don’t have to search YouTube.  We did it for you.

As we expand our lists, we may create new categories, but for now, the categories or types of drills are:

Briefs and Phrases

Instruction, Tips and Advice



Plus an individual category for each of the following speeds:  60 wpm, 80 wpm, 100 wpm, 120 wpm, 140 wpm, 160 wpm, 180 wpm, 200 wpm, 225 wpm and above.  Drills that are not at those speeds are put into the next higher category.  For example, a drill at 150 wpm would be put in the 160 wpm category.

We don’t own or possess these videos.  They aren’t on our site.  They are on YouTube.  YouTube provides the code to let us play them on our site.  We know some of the videos were made by students and some were made by professionals or schools.

To find these YouTube videos, go to and find the menu below the Court Reporting Help logo.  Hover your mouse over “YouTube Steno Drills” to display a drop-down box with all the categories.  Select the one you want.  Instructions are on each page, but it works exactly like YouTube (since it really is YouTube).

Steve Shastay

Steno Rebel

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