Fundraising for your College Tuition

Here at, we are well aware of the quarterly tuition scramble by steno students.  Tuition or rent?  Tuition or insurance?  Tuition or ????

Take heart!! Help is on the way.  There are people out there in Internet Land who want to donate to people just like you.  No fooling.  All you have to do is ask.teach2

You may have heard of crowdfunding.  Kickstarter is a major player.  Take your idea for a better mousetrap to Kickstarter, describe it, post a video of yourself, and wait for people to throw money at you.  Sometimes, it works really well.  You just have to know how to promote your project.  Sadly, you can’t raise tuition funds at Kickstarter.  Luckily, there are other sites that are aimed specifically at students. is one of those sites.  It works just like Kickstarter.  Describe your college plans and your future stenography career.  Post a video of yourself.  Wait for people to throw money at you.

Sure, it is a little more complicated than that, but not by much.  You could get a fundraiser going in a night or two.   The hardest part will probably be the video.  Just find a friend with a steady hand and a camera phone, write a script, and smile a lot.

There is one important difference between Kickstarter and YouCaring.  YouCaring does not have any fees.  None.  So there is no risk to you.

Check it out.  Free money is nice.

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