A Long and Winding Road

Which way are you headed?  Are you sure?  It can be easy to take a wrong turn, especially in the beginning days.

Your job is to become a court reporter.  A basic, entry-level, wet-behind-the-ears stenographer.

There are thousands of words.  You won’t know them all.  There are thousands of briefs and phrases.  You won’t know them all.  As you gain experience and build your dictionary, more and more of your work will translate, but you will never know everything.

You don’t have to be the fastest, the smartest, the smoothest, the cleanest or anything else.  Just pass your steno tests, and enter the workforce.


Become a reporter.  That’s your job.

Later, you can learn how to caption the national news or how to translate every medical term in the world.

But for now, learn to become a reporter.

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