Proper Steno Practice Can Be a Lonely Pursuit


My stenography teacher used to say “If you don’t PRA, you won’t PRO.  If you don’t PRO, you won’t GRAU.”  My outlines are much different nowadays, but the meaning is just as relevant to our current crop of court reporting students as it was back in my day.

“If you don’t PRACTICE, you won’t PROGRESS.  If you don’t PROGRESS, you won’t GRADUATE.



It can be hard to find proper “alone time” in which to practice, but that is what we must find.  Yes, some drilling can be performed when there are distractions.  At times, those distractions can be used efficiently to teach how to maintain focus and mental concentration.

But in general, we need quiet time, away from the family, away from the TV, and away from everything.

It can be a little lonely, but that is the best course of action for steno stardom.

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