Watch Your Step


The rocky sections can turn a pretty good steno test into another good try.  You should practice how to handle them properly.  One of the best methods is to remove the problem entirely.  This happens when you learn a new outline for a trouble word.

But you won’t remove all of the rocky sections, and you will have to know how to navigate them successfully.  For some of us, that means learning to keep the hands moving instead of stopping to think.  For others, it is learning to drop a hard word here and there to avoid falling hopelessly behind.  There are a lot of steno problems.  Find yours, work on it, and you will graduate a lot sooner and a lot easier.  We need more court reporters.  The field is wide open.



Examine your tests.  What causes most of your errors?

Those things are what you should be working on when you do your stenography practice.

They rob you of the most points.

They need the most attention.

See ya, later, Steno Babies.

Steve Shastay


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