Online Students Often Feel They are Alone on their Journey


There are a growing number of stenography schools that offer online classes.  For the most part, the students learn the same things, but not in the same way, as traditional students on a campus.

A large number of them work a 40-hour job each week and squeeze in their steno practice the best they can.

Every night, they come home, eat dinner, relax a little and then head off to their own particular “writer’s garret” away from distractions, but also away from family, fun, relaxation and plain ol’ rest.

If they were on campus, they would talk to the other students and see that everybody is basically in the same boat:  too much work and  not enough time.  But being online, it is easy to forget that your fellow students are also facing the same problems.

Besides commiserating on the workload, it is important to develop friendships, or at least, relationships with your fellow students as a networking tool.  One day, you will graduate.  One of your classmates may be able to help you find a job or relocate from one area to another.


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