Step by Step

You can’t learn everything right now.  You can learn something right now.

Don’t overload yourself with tons of new outlines.  Learn a comfortable amount, and you will learn them well.

What would happen if you learned three new outlines each day?

You would learn a mere 21 for the week.  That doesn’t sound like much.

You would learn about 90 per month.  That doesn’t sound like much.

You would learn a bit more than 1000 in one year.   That’s about all you really need as a new professional reporter  — if you learn the popular ones.

Concentrate on the popular words and phrases.  Learn just a few at one time, but learn them well.

Day by day, learn a few more.    But make sure you concentrate on the popular ones that you see all the time.



Free Online Dictionaries — General, Medical, Legal and More

We cataloged the largest and best free English dictionaries available on the Internet. Then we added a large group of specialty dictionaries. Enjoy.   Cambridge Dictionaries Online  From Cambridge University Press. Collins Dictionary  Over 1 million entries  They bill themselves as the world’s most popular dictionary and thesaurus with definitions. Macmillan Dictionary  A free

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Court Reporting Associations — National and State

Court Reporting Associations — National and State This list contains links to the three national associations and the state associations. Click the name to go to each association’s homepage.   National Associations National Court Reporters Association  The largest stenography association in the world.  It administers national certification tests, but it is not a governmental organization, nor

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