Legal Terminology and Usage: For Court Reporters and Paralegals

Legal Terminology and Usage: For Court Reporters and Paralegals is an interesting book. You may find yourself browsing through it for fun. The presentation is entertaining, but the book is full of facts and information.
TitleLegal Terminology and Usage: For Court Reporters and Paralegals
The job of memorization of outlines and terms can be daunting. This book makes your job easier by giving you some background information and relevant facts to help the outlines stand out in your mind. You will learn the terminology faster and easier and you will retain the information longer. It's a win-win-win situation. The book strives to be entertaining, and it succeeds. You will remember the terms because of the way they are presented and explained. e legal terminology come alive. The purpose of learning legal terms is not for you to memorize the words for a test and forget them two days later. Rather, it is the ability to study the words in proper context so that you have a deep and sustainable understanding of the terms five years later. The goal of this book is to make learning more obtainable, and to create a platform for long-term recall for court reporters, paralegals, and anyone who wishes to understand legal terminology. As B. M. Dickey, Chair of Court Reporting for one of the Community Colleges said: “Infrequently you run across a truly superior textbook, that makes the teacher’s job much easier, and is so naturally suited to the students and their needs, that you can’t wait to tell others about your find. Legal Terminology and Theory for Court Reporters and Paralegals by Ted H. Gordon is just such a book. It is well written, comprehensive, logically organized, and extremely well received by students.”
Easy read; easy knowledge. Good addition to your bookshelf.
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Brief Encounters: A Dictionary for Court Reporting

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Free Jury Charge Extended Dictation Steno Audio Drill

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